exibition; riga
(quote) and it's been awhyle (endquote) since i've written anything.
so we had a presentation today about our exibition and i had to present one part of my work - led lamp powered by my batteries. but before us there was another presentation by our teacher. she said she doesn't believe that oil levels will decrease and there's no signs of oil to ever end. ahhh i know she's not too bright and it's probably a matter of opinion (like if being gay means being sick is a matter of opinion too). but i just can't accept it. it's like saying she doesn't believe in climat change. i have millions of other examples in my mind, but it's getting a bit boring.
i'm still confident noone is reading this, that's why i can write so freely about it.
had my first thoughts about my masters project. at least part of it. i will experiment with food growing in winter to learn to grow food all year long. so first of all i'll make an indoor greenhouse that will be powered using some sort of alternative resources, for example, solar pannels, bacteria batteries, wind power. it needs power for led lights that i will use for growing, because there isn't any sun during the winter in this country. and again - i want to do everything with a limited budget and in a DIY way, so i can make an instruction and show how everyone can do it at home with limited resources.
exibition is going fine. there are some people coming, we are not the top event in the cuntry yet. but close. one random mid-level news page called us "upcoming tallents". that's nice. thank you. please pay me for what i'm doing. ah, no i'm joking. i have my parents to support me, don't need a job.
key words: exibition; bugs
i cought a bug, put it in a cup. when i checked on it later, it had died. i feel really sorry. and i was collecting more bugs in the garden in a box, i put there small amount of moss and they all were hiding there.
the exibition starts tomorrow, but i still have a tonn of things to do. i feel like i'm failing.
key words: sustainable art; modern art
when reading about sustainable art, it's not just the art, but the message of sustainability. however .. why would you call everything that's made out of plastic bottles "sustainable art"? NO! STOP IT!
and i have a confession to make: i agree with most 9gag jokes
about modern art. i know it's not the same, but i just wanted to confess.
so there are some projects. i just googles "sustainable art" and klicked on 1st link. and this is what i got:
Organic Recycled Art
Plastic Bag Fools Gold
Guitar Playing Birds
The Bottleformball Lamp
Eco Artist Paul Goodrick
Recycled Toy Sculptures
Give Plastic The Boot
Recycled Tea Bag Art
Polar Bear Suicide Art
they are not in any particular order, except the 1st one. i truly enjoyed the 1st one. and i can't ask you to explore all of them, just klick on some of them.
art is supposed to be a way of expressing oneself. and i think i have more problems with journalists then people who make the actual things, because they are the ones calling it art. and i'm the one who's the artist; and most things i make, i do for fun, for an assigment or because i had a vision.
but on the other hand, 5th, paul goodrick, is an award winning enviromental artist? what the hell? this is where i've lost my faith in art and that the art will save the world.
key words: stand-up comedy; Louis C.K.; sustainability
everyone should watch Louis C.K. stand-up comedy show at Beacon Theater for more than just comedy. So the important part is from 21:15 - 27:33.

key words: creativity; tales; sustainability
when i was a child, my grand-grand-mother used to tell me a story. it goes something like this:

the main character is a poor boy. he has to walk to school through forest 10 km or something. in school he doesn't have any friends and even though he's super smart, noone likes him. he doesn't have any food so he's supposed to be caught trying to steal some from a rich boy (his arch enemy). there's numerous other events, but in the end he's so heartbroken and humiliated, that he tries to walk home in the night in the middle of winter and freezes to death.

so that's what i was thinking:
he probably wasn't just a shy loner, he was being odd and trubled, because even a super shy child can find at least some friends who will help him and care for him.
and the other thing: why don't you have any food? you are living in a forest so you can just make food. and the fact that you don't, just means you're lazy. you can collect fruits and berries and make jam, collect and prepare mushrooms and plenty of tea for winter just in the forest.
and why would you walk home in the middle of winter in the night? i know the story should teach me something, but all i learned is - natural selection.
key words: vision of future
having a desire to express myself today.
so i wanted to share a vision of future imagined by Euros Lyn (Director) in a TV show "Black Mirror". It's a future where people are working in a company that makes electricity from people riding bikes. They are earning money (merits) that they can spend buying food, everyday products like toothpaste, and change TV shows (that they are otherwise made to watch mandatory).
the episode is a dark prediction of a future and so on, but the thing i wanted to say is, that riding a bike not the most efficient way to make electricity. they are not using their hands. i believe a rowing or ecliptic trainer would work far better.
key words: thesis; DIY kits
both my phone batteries last for about 4 hours. and the battery of my laptop becomes empty in 30 minutes. i'm a new media student and i depend on technology that works. so it's kind of the opposite of everything sustainable i guess. everything dies in a year or two.
parents are sometimes still talking about devices build in tank factories that lasts forever. i wish batteries would last forever.
lately i've been annoyed by a google add that shows "closest thing to barefoot" - xeroshoes DIY kit - that allows you to make your own shoes by adding a string to a foot-shaped rubber. it will cost you $20 (or $40 if you don't want to put it together yourself) and will be shipped to you from U.S.
so i just wanted to write about what is it that annoys me. you can make the same think by adding A STRING to AN OLD SHOE SOLE and it will cost you NOTHING + it will not be shipped from U.S. 10 000 km. so .. i made my own shoes. took me an hour.

i've allways preferred barefoot or "closest thing to barefoot" that i can get. but this seemed a bit ridiculous.
key words: noone will read this
why do i even care? noone will read this. sleeping 5-6 hours per day; spending all day writing and my advisor won't even be there for my final presentation. not sure if i care or just resentful.
key words: bike; being-an-asshole-day; economics; thesis
today was the national BEING AN ASSHOLE day. i was riding my bike on the side of a road (i'm a shy bike user, so i prefer walkways and bike lines if possible or glue my self inside 1 meter from the side of the road) and a guy in a car just followed me honking. at first i tought there's something terribly wrong with my bike or me .. but NO! HE WAS JUST BEING A F*CKING ASSHOLE!
but then i saw instant karma in real life - there were cops just behind a corner and they stopped the car. i do hope he got a ticket.
meanwhile in my thesis - trying to render my economics knowledge to language that my advisor would understand. what the hell university? why can't i be just smart and actually use something i learned in my previous education?
key words: DIY soil lamp; sound experiments
my soil lamp still works. looks hopefull.khh.
2nd experiment of sound making. collected some worms, snails, galleyworms, earthworms. i would describe the sound as -- nothing with a hint of feedback from time to time. while collecting bugs i got bitten by mosquitoes. how little do they know. how little do they care. i haven't killed any of them in maybe 6 years now.
i was thinking about ways how to make my own life today more sustainable and nature-friendly. so now i stopped using shampoo for my hair and looked for something natural (as the most sustainable product in my house for that i found used coffee grounds, because it's already used and i can recycle it). the internet said to give it a week and hair will adapt. until then i'll just keep on looking like a pork pie. i'll never find a husband looking like this.khh.

key words: sound in soundenergy
found out who my thesis reviewer will be. i should make at least a small chapter for the sound part in all this.
i hope someone will actually read this. talking about my lecturers who will assess my thesis. not sure how seriously they take the paper. i just want them to know more about why and what i'm doing.
key words: due date; food production
have to send the paper to my thesis advisor. trying to finish it on time. not sure if i'll make it.
got carried away while writing about foor industry. have to write more about the sound part of it. blank. nothing.
key words: DIY soil lamp; sustainable art
made a soil lamp. just 3 batteries and a led. made it as an example for not buying super expensive "sustainable art" on the internets but being truly sustainable and making it yourself. why is it described as sustainable art if they are shipping it from USA?
key words: preliminary presentation No.3
making sound out of composting was my first idea around a year ago. now i'm back to that. dunno if great or not.
i can't make electricity out of sound waves. it's just techincally too technical. so now i'm taking the easy way and making electricity out of compost and planning to make an installation using bugs that live there. in my head it sound cool.
made everything work, can't really hear anything except when actually scratching the microphone. good enough for now.
key words: electricity from composting
first experiments with obtaining electricity from compost. using lemon and other fruit leftovers.
key words: preliminary presentation No.2
found a way to make sound. called it "the sound forest". not really original, i know. and again - made something so i don't get in trouble. earned myself a green card.
it's something called rain sticks - a tube of any material filled with grains or pebbles. when it's turned, it makes rain-like sound for couple of seconds. usless, but fun.
key words: after preliminary presentation
made the presentation so i don't get in trouble, still have no idea what to do.
key words: preliminary presentation No.1; sound as energy; sonification of energy created by sound
361 prepared dc-motors, filler wire 1.0mm
97 polysiloxane hoses 3.0mm, compressed air

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